Nesphory Mwambai president and founder of Organic Ilemba Limited

Tell us about your company, what do you do at Organic Ilemba Limited?

We are a fish farming company that rears fish for commercial purposes. Organic Ilemba Limited was founded in 2018 and registered on November 2019. The problem that we are trying to solve is the increasing demand for fish in Kenya and East Africa. Some of the factors contributing to the increased demand for fish are population growth and increased awareness about the nutritional benefits of fish. Unfortunately, the country’s wild fisheries are struggling to meet this demand and that is where we come in. …

Mukhtar Salim, Founder and Executive Director: Coastech Empowerment Community.

Tell us about your institution and the community that you serve?

Coast Tech Empowerment Community centre is a community training centre where the youth come to learn and enhance their skills in technology in a space where they feel safe. I am the founder and the executive director. I have a team of five people who support me, the director of IT, director of programs, director of administration and communication, director of monitoring and evaluation, and the director of community development. We focus on discovering and developing upcoming and innovative technology ideas. We provide networking opportunities, technical training in the form of boot camps, and mentorships. Our centre is youth-centric. …

Dorcas Rahab Lumumba, founder of Climgric Africa

What problem are you trying to solve through your business?

I was working at Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation (KALRO). One time, we researched the European Union and found that the berries in Kenya mainly grew wild and those who grew berries did it on a small scale. So I started researching to find out where these big companies get berries for their yogurt. I found that we import 90% of the berries and vanilla that we consume in the country and yet research from KALRO showed that we can grow berries in our country. …

Munira Twahir, the founder process innovator of Ari a social initiative by Inteco Kenya

Briefly describe yourself to us?

I would describe myself as a documenter and a servant of the people. I aim to create spaces and opportunities for others and use my voice to help people. I was born and raised in Nairobi. In my early primary education, I went to Saint Nicholas and then transferred to Braeside. I finished my O levels at Rusinga and then proceeded to United States International University (USIU) where I did a degree in business administration with a major focus on entrepreneurship.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

I discovered very early in life that I have a weakness when it comes to taking orders from people…

Salsabila Abdulhalim, founder of Flexi-Port Biogas

Tell us about yourself?

I was born and raised in Mtwapa in Kilifi County. I went to Oceanic Green Fields Primary school and then proceeded to Sheikh Khalifa secondary school. Currently, I am in my final year at the Technical University of Mombasa pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I am the ninth born in a family of 10 children. I enjoy reading and giving back to my community.

What’s the inspiration behind Flexi-Port biogas?

If you come to Mombasa, you will realise that the thing that stands out is waste, most of which is organic. There is also minimal waste recycling in the county. I…

Paul Akwabi, Founder on TechKidzs

Give us a brief history of yourself?

My name is Paul Akwabi. I am the firstborn in a family of 4 boys. I was born and raised in Nairobi until the age of 9. My dad worked as a civil servant under the ministry of works and my mum stayed home to take care of us. My family did not have much, during our stay in Nairobi, we lived both in Kibera and Mathare slums. Things took a turn to the worst after my dad passed away and my mum was unable to take care of us. …

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Solomon Odero, mostly I go by DJ Solo which is my stage name. I am the last born in a family of 7 kids. I grew up in a village called Wagusu in Siaya county. I went to Mbeka Primary school and then joined Maranda high school. After high school, I enrolled at the University of Nairobi where I did a degree in political science and sociology.

Did you always want to go into the entertainment industry?

I have always had a great love for music. After high school, I asked my parents if they could enroll me in a DJ school, they refused. According to them…

Michelle Anyango Content Creator

Tell us about yourself, Michelle?

My name is Michelle Anyango. I am a second born in a family of 4 children. I was born in Nairobi then my parents moved to Mombasa a few years later, that is where I grew up. Fast forward to today, I am a lady who wears many hats however, at the moment the things that occupy my days is being a student, I am a final year student at Catholic university pursuing a degree in psychology, I am a content creator and I am also an author. A fun fact about me is that I have always been obsessed…

Derrick Mutuma, Account manager at WorkPay

Let’s start by getting to know Derrick, describe yourself to us?

Derrick is someone who is very passionate about technology and appreciates what it does for the masses especially when it comes to solving problems. I am a workaholic, I also enjoy connecting with like-minded people, and listening to jazz and classical music. I grew up in Nairobi, and like most people who grew up in the city, I struggled to learn my mother tongue, and to date, I still can’t speak it fluently. I went to Makini school for my primary education and then joined Light academy for my highschool. For campus, I attended Nairobi university where I got a…

Tell us about yourself, Abel?

The name is Abel Linyonyi, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am an extrovert but what they do not know is that I tend to be very bubbly in small groups but when I am in spaces with a lot of people I always digress to my corner. I was born in 1992 in Bungoma county in a small village called Tongaren. Later on, my parents moved to Garissa county and that is where I grew up. After high school, I joined one of the universities in Nairobi to do law but when I was in the…


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