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Faith Amoding’- Papa

Baptism by Fire! Is the phrase I would use to describe my experience working at Nailab…

How did you end up at Nailab?

My husband and I felt it was time to find a new challenge, for me to build my career once more, this is after I had quit my previous job where I was head of finance and took a break to be a stay-at-home wife and mum for about two and a half years. Less than a week after we had that conversation, I saw a job advert for a financial officer on twitter, submitted my application and a day after, received a call from Valerie, the operations manager at Nailab inviting me for an interview. You can imagine my excitement.

What do you love most about working for Nailab?

Baptism by Fire! Is the phrase I would use to describe my experience working at Nailab. Nailab has helped me see the other side of myself beyond balancing books. I have found myself in boardrooms discussing proposals and in meetings with big names in the ecosystem. In the past 2 months that I have been at Nailab, I have been stretched professionally, personality wise and even how I think and make decisions. I look forward to learning more and getting stretched even further.

How would you describe your personality? And how does it help you to relate with people at the workplace?

I am a straight forward person. I believe there are no grey areas in life. I believe in right or wrong, I believe in facts. That is what finance is all about; facts. I make my decisions based on facts not feelings. Sometimes I come off as harsh and whenever I feel that might happen, especially in the work place, I step back and don’t give my opinion. I also believe that everyone deserves to be heard, so I try to hear people out and respect their thoughts and opinions.

What do you for fun?

I love adventure and having new experiences so I travel a lot. I also love cooking and spending time with my family.

What is the one thing that guides you and encourages you to keep fighting even when you feel the walls are closing in on you?

The fact that I am alive. That alone tells me that there is hope for a better tomorrow, that I still have more to do in this world. Being alive gives me a reason to keep fighting.

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Nailab is an accelerator that offers a “Launch out” program for entrepreneurs and “Launch in” program for those seeking employability.

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