Content consumption made easy for users

(Get news updates on your home screen every time you unlock your phone)

With the internet and so many people registered across different online platforms, marketing has evolved. Businesses are no longer simply using the traditional form of marketing such as running ads on TV, Radio, billboards, etc. They are starting to embrace the new form of marketing called digital marketing.

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Why digital marketing? Some people may ask. Well, let us compare these two scenarios. One company decides to run its ad on Facebook, and another runs an ad on a billboard. Through Facebook, the company can target the right audience through demographics. By choosing their audience age, their specific location, level of education, gender, and more. They can also measure the Return on Investment by seeing how many people have seen and engaged with their ad. The company that runs an ad on a billboard however has no control over who sees the ad and can not tell how many people saw the billboard.

With the evolution of digital advertising delivering exceptional customer experiences via digital channels that your customers use is a must. Customers do not want endless email notifications from you. So how do you ensure that you do not spam your audience?

Teleeza is creating an innovative solution to help companies do just that by providing a creative way of reaching their audience quietly. Teleeza is a revolutionary Mobile content aggregator and advertising platform that aggregates content and brings it to your home screen. Did you know that human beings unlock their mobile phones between 60–200 times a day? Imagine every time you unlock your phone you get a fresh update on what is happening around the world from sports, entertainment, politics, updates from your favorite brand, and more. The update does not interfere with your life by sending you a notification it just sits there quietly on your home screen waiting for you to unlock your phone.

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Through their innovation, Teleeza is solving a problem for these three groups of people: The user (the person who consumes the content, the content creator, and the advertiser. Currently, users have to go to different sources to get content. With Teleeza, all content is aggregated on one platform. Users no longer have to struggle to find content as they can now customise their feed by being specific about the type of content they want and the content is delivered on their mobile phone’s lock screen in an easy, fun, and convenient way. The platform has about 60 content creators dedicated to sharing new updates hourly.

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The content creator, the platform is giving them visibility for their content. The advertiser gets visibility of their ad, targets a specific demographic, and gets real-time data of who has viewed their ad.

Since the launch of Teleeza, in March 2021 the platform has had 42,000 registered users and continues to grow by providing a unique way for users to consume content.

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