“Having a network of people who believe in us and a strong founding team has been our secret to success.” Derrick Mutuma

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Derrick Mutuma, Account manager at WorkPay

Let’s start by getting to know Derrick, describe yourself to us?

How did you come into the service of WorkPay?

Your official title is Account Manager, would you mind breaking it down for us?

What sets you apart as WorkPay. Other than being a human resource and payroll company what makes you different as a company?

WorkPay was started in 2017 and to date, you have 25,000 employees and 300 SMBs registered on your platform. What is the secret for achieving this growth and attracting such numbers?

WorkPay has managed to raise an investment of $ 2.1 million seed funding. What advice would you give to startup founders about funding?

WorkPay recently raised USD 2.1 Million in seed funding, what does this mean for you as a business in the future?

Do you have a life outside of Work Pay, what are you doing when you are not coming up with sales strategies for Work Pay?

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