He is not your typical errands guy…

Do you have anyone in your life who knows everything about everything? They always know the right guy to help file your business taxes, who to call when you need that package delivered or better yet the best place to order that nyama choma that you love so much. Well, George was that guy that people would call when they needed information about something. He didn’t think much of it initially, he thought he was helping out his friends until one day when his wife suggested to him that he could make money by running these errands for his friends.

“Instead of directing your friends on where to go to acquire the services they need, why don’t you run these errands for them and make money from it?” she asked.

After giving it much thought, George decided to pursue this business which he registered in 2016 as HCS errands. He however encountered several challenges as he was setting up as he had never run a business before. Lucky for him he came across one of the programs that was being offered at Nailab called The Next Economy Program in 2017. He went through a six-month training and after that Nailab took him in and gave him a space to work from as he set up his business.

“It has been a long journey and it all started at Nailab. The business mentorship I received from the coaches helped me refine my business model and package my business to be able to sell my value better. Before I joined the program I had just started the errands business, the actual transformation happened while I was still undergoing the program. I could easily relate what I was learning in class with the experience on the ground.”

Today George runs ErrandsGuy, an online platform that specialises in providing various kinds of skilled and unskilled errands as a service to clients. They fulfil errands through a team of qualified professionals on the platform.

“I refused to embrace technology in my business when I started, now the joke is on me because with the current pandemic you have to embrace technology to remain relevant. People are unable to move as freely as before. We had to come up with a safer way to deliver our services. We decided to design a platform where our clients can come and make their orders. Embracing technology has enabled us to offer both skilled and unskilled errands, for instance, anyone who wants to file their KRA returns can easily visit our platform and request this service, one of our professionals on the platform will do it for them at the same time if you want someone to do grocery shopping for you that can be done. Our primary focus is to finish our platform so that we can be able to deliver our services better to our clients. The pandemic has motivated us to take our operations online.”

“We were only able to pivot as fast due to the mentorship I received and still receive from Nailab. The greatest lesson that I learned while at Nailab was how to pitch to investors. The CEO of Nailab occasionally came to class and he would couch us on how to pitch. In the beginning, it was very hard for us because he is tough, later on, I came to realise the value as I was able to hone my presentation and my communication skills.”

“Nailab remains a family. I continue to receive a lot of support from them as well as other entrepreneurs with whom I shared a class with. I remember the days when we would come together as a family every once in a while and talk about the challenges each of us was going through in our businesses. We guided each other but most of all it helped to know that I was not going through it alone. My initial customers were fellow entrepreneurs from my class and the Nailab community. For that, I am grateful and eager to face what is ahead because I know that my family will be there for me.”

Click here to learn more about what they do; www.errandsguy.com

Nailab is an accelerator that offers a “Launch out” program for entrepreneurs and “Launch in” program for those seeking employability.