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The LEAP² Innovative Light & Circular Economy Challenge 2019

The circular economy aims at minimising waste and getting economic reward out of resources that would otherwise go to waste.

Fact One;

The amount of solid waste generated in Kenya every year is currently 4 million tonnes, and is predicted to double by 2030.

Solid waste represents potential sources of environmental pollution and diseases thus creating the need to turn wastes into value-adding products that can be resold and consumed. Recycling is one of the most efficient strategies employed in the management of solid waste.

Fact Two

Over 18 Million people in Kenya live without access to electricity, representing a significant market demand for affordable, reliable and clean energy access to everyone.

The LEAP² Innovative Light & Circular Economy challenge has a keen interest on businesses focused on waste recycling and renewable energy. The challenge targets businesses that are achieving tangible, social and environmental impact while still making profits.

Who should Apply;

A participant for the LEAP² Innovative Light & Circular Economy challenge could be a business with innovations in renewable energy, like solar and wind solutions and businesses focused on circular solutions, like reuse and waste recycling.

LEAP² is a challenge that enables innovations to jump the digital divide and LEAP to the next level. Closing the digital divide means the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for economic development. LEAP² aims to facilitate the digital transition, create (self-) employment and promote socially responsible entrepreneurship in emerging countries.


During the LEAP² Innovative Light & Circular Economy challenge, young Kenyan entrepreneurs are challenged to boost their innovation by:

  • raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign (with match funding of up to 2,000 EURO per campaign)
  • attending professional training in crowdfunding and pitching
  • creating a network and the opportunity to showcase their innovation and create the perfect pitch for their business

How to Apply

In order to enter the selection, fill out the full application form in the link below.

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 23rd September 2019

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Nailab is an accelerator that offers a “Launch out” program for entrepreneurs and “Launch in” program for those seeking employability.

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