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Who said you have to be in bed by 10pm and wake up at 5am to be fully functional?

How would you describe Alice?

One of my tag lines is that it is never that serious, I do what I can. Every day I prioritise what is important to me and that is what I do. I also enjoy coaching entrepreneurs on wealth creation and investor readiness seeing that I have over 10 years experience in banking and finance. Alice is also adventurous as I like travelling and enjoying nature.

What exactly is your role here at Nailab and how does it tie in with your education background and work experience?

I am the projects manager at Nailab, I studied economics and sociology. I have done both finance and social work which is basically community management and projects management. I have worked with so many non-profit organisations as a consultant and that is where I gained the knowledge on how to do proposals, manage projects, working with a team etc. When I saw this job opportunity from Nailab I saw it as a platform enhance my skills. Other than coordination of projects my other role is fundraising and resource mobilisation which is basically identifying opportunities for the company.

What is the one thing that motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

One word IMPACT! I strive to have an impact in everything that I do. I understand my purpose, I believe I was born to enable others to understand how money works, how to create wealth and keep it. That is my passion. I am motivated by seeing change in people after they have passed through my hands.

How do you juggle the line between your career and family life?

What helps me is understanding the value of time management and knowing what is important to me. Life is wholistic so when I look at my life I prioritise what is important to me and that is; My spirituality, my family, my career and my brand which ties into my finances and I also value the relationships that I create so I take time to network and spend time with my friends.

Let us talk about your sleeping hours, how it work for you?

We all have 24 hours and it is important to plan yourself in order to meet all your objectives for the day within these hours. I am not a morning person, I am most active from 14:00Hrs to 19:00Hrs, however anything that requires me to be creative I do it during my quiet times which is from, 23:33Hrs to 06:00Hrs. This is usually my quiet time where I cook for my family, do my spiritual walk, do the work that requires me to be creative, clean my house and everything else that is important. I sleep at 19:00 Hrs and wake up at 23:33Hrs. In an event where I am unable to be in bed by 7 because on unavoidable circumstances then I do not sleep on that day.

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Nailab is an accelerator that offers a “Launch out” program for entrepreneurs and “Launch in” program for those seeking employability.

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